Friday, March 18, 2011

Fried Foamy Eggs White

With leftover frozen eggs white from my Chinese New Year cookies baking, I have cooked it into a foamy omelette served with green peas and shrimps. As it turn out very nice as a dish for my dinner, infact I just ates it with cooked white rice minus the peas. Simply delicious, reminded me Dragon I restaurant do served this dish, sprinkle with tiny bit of shredded scallop on top the cooked foamy eggs white.

Is very simple to make, just add in some salt and pepper to taste into the eggs white, hand whisked into medium soft peak foam. Heat a pan with some oil, pour in the foamy eggs white to cook on both side with low heat. Simple, right?

Savoury Pumpkin Cake (Kueh)

To cook Chilli sauce: blend 3 pips garlic and 10 red chillies (or chillies paste) together until smooth. Add 1 cup water, sugar and vinegar to taste, cook and simmer for a few minutes. Ready to serve.

1350ml water
500gm sifted rice flour  } blend all batter ingredients till smooth, set aside
2 tsp alkaline water

150 gm dried mushrooms, soaked and shredded thinly
120 gm dried shrimps, soaked and sieved dry
200 gm chinese sausages -diced/sliced finely
(subtitute with other sausages or meats)
100 gm garlic- diced finely
100 gm shallots- diced finely
1kg pumpkin - shredded

Salt, pepper and chicken granules for seasoning.

Garnishing: fried shallots, diced red chilli and spring onions.

1. Heat 5tbsp oil in wok. Stir fry filling ingredients except pumpkin till fragrant.
2. Add pumpkin and seasoning, stir fry thoroughly.
3. Pour in batter and cook for a while, better become thick, off heat.
4. Spoon batter into a greased 12 inches round tray or small cups.
5. Steam over high heat (12" tray 40min/ cups 15min until cooked)
6. Remove and allow to cool.
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