Friday, March 4, 2011

KAYA (EGGS COCONUT MILK JAM) method 2 double boiled

This is the double boiled method using the same recipe as method 1, just follow the instruction below.
Recipe, please refer to Kaya recipe method 1.


1.Keep stirring gently to cook the santan mixture and the pandan leaves near to a boil (not boiling) with low to medium heat.
2. Remove the santan pot from heat and scoop the mixture bit by bit into the eggs, stir to blend well until all are added in. This way the mixture would not get curdles.
3. After this pour the mixture into the double boiler sauce pot and stack it into the larger pot that filled with boiling water.
4. Continue cooking and stirring until the mixture is thicken
5. Cover the sauce pot and double boiled until is cooked thru (on/off give it a stir) and the consistency that you like.
6. This cooking process will take between 2 to 3 hours.


I know I should have eaten with the 'Kopitiam bread' either toasted or steamed. But we (me and hubby) cannot wait any longer with aroma of the cooked eggs, santan and pandan all over the place. This batch I just cooked without the caramel that why you see the colour is pale greenish as I always love it in this style. Most of the time I will used the direct heat method to make the kaya not the double boiled method for it take longer to cooked between 2 to 3 hours. With this fast method I can have fresh kaya anytime I want when the craving came calling hahaha! For storing, happen once to me as I can remember there was a tub in my fridge for more than two weeks (supposed to give someone) and it still edible after this long. My advice is cook half of this recipe where you will get a rice bowl of kaya that manage to keep us (four adults) satisfy for two days only.

4 eggs (grade A)- whisk lightly and sieved, put aside

200gm sugar                   }
200gm coconut milk        }mix together and sieved in a sauce pan
1 tbsp plain flour             }

5 pandan leaves- washed and tied into a bundle

1.Cook the santan, sugar and flour mixture in a low to medium heat, keep stirring to avoid burning or curdle
2. After sometime, the mixture become lightly thicken and transparent looking, remove from heat
3. Add in the santan mixture bit by bit (1/2 cup) into the eggs until finish, looked diluted with egg added in.
4. Pour it back into the sauce pot and continue cooking in low to medium heat, keep stirring in a constant speed to avoid the kaya become curdle.
5. The kaya is ready when it become thicken.

Note: if you like the caramel type, cooked 50gm of sugar into caramel and add into the kaya at the stage when the kaya began to thicken. I will reduce sugar from the 200gm to 150gm.

The FLOUR is optional.Some of you may have noticed there are some sugar water separated from the kaya in some recipe.That why I added 1 tbsp of flour into this recipe after some experiment testing with few different kind of flours. Plain flour worked the best so far.With the watery kaya when spread on to the bread, the bread will absorb the liquid and become soggy and it tasted.......eeee....ugly.

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