Friday, December 31, 2010


4 nos. Ikan Cencaru ( torpedo scad)- clean, cut into halves, season with salt and pepper
150 gm Dhall (yellow or orange in colour types)
6 pcs. dried chili- fry in hot oil until crispy and a bit burning looked.
500gm Pumpkin -skinned and cut into 1" cubes.
2 tbsp. Ghee
A few sprig of daun sup (chinese celery)
Salt and seasoning
Blended Spices :
2 tbsp. grinded dried chili paste
2 tbsp. Fresh ginger-
1 cm Lengkuas (galangal)- finely sliced
5 clove of Garlic
1 tbsp. Jintan Manis powder(cummin)
1 tbsp. Jintan Putih (fennel)
1 tbsp. Ketunbar (coriander
NOTE: Mix all the ingredient with some water and blend into a paste.
1. Heat a sauce pan, add in oil and ghee, sauteed the blended spices
2. When the blended spices is cooked through and aromatic
3. Add in water, dhall and fried chilli to simmer until tender
4. Meanwhile, in another pan, fry the fish on both side but not cooked, put a side.
5. Add in the pumpkin, fried fish and chinese celery, simmer until tender
6. Add salt and seasoning to taste, serve.

4 eggs-break eggs into a bowl, lightly whipped
1 large brinjal- skinned, finely sliced, season with pepper and salt
1. In a pan with oil, sauteed the brinjal until tender ( if stick to the sprinkle some water in between frying)
2. Drizzle some oil then add in the eggs, fry like omelet style, browing both sides
3. Finally, sprinkle some salt and soya sauce.

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