Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pot Pies

Make this pot pies last weekend with leftover from our ABC soup, the soup was all finished off with  only the potatoes, carrots, chucks of chicken meat left. Is a waste to thrown it away so I turned it into my pot pies filling. First I shredded the cooked chicken meat, cutting the potatoes and carrots into smaller pieces. diced one big onion and sauteen with some butter, add in one tablespoon of flour and fry for a while then I added in chicken soup (I used instant soup in a mug one packet mix with water)then follow by the shredded chicken, potatoes, carrots and some frozen green peas. Cook for a while to thicken the sauce and add in salt, pepper to taste. Filled the pots with the filling, grease the rim of the pot and paste on the savoury pastry onto the rim to sealed. Glaze with eggs wash and poked some hole to for the air and steam to escape during baking. I cooked some brown sauce to serve with the pies and this is our dinner that evening. It was delicious with the crusting buttery pastry plus the sauce.
This picture was taken with my handphone.
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