Monday, May 2, 2011


Last weekend I cooked some Korean food for my family and its turn out yummy delicious. Because is a last minute decision I just used what I have in hand, for the wine in the Korean ginseng chicken instead of Jinro wine I subtituted with Chinese white wine and the last 1/4 cup of my Napoleon Bonaparte liquor which was 30th yrs old liquor, originally was bottled in a 'Gold Book' shape porcelain bottle with Napoleon head as the cap, because the bottle cap was broken I tranfer into another glass bottle. I used Chinese Ginseng (Julie's gave me 3 strips of the Chinese Ginseng during Chinese New Year) and is useful to promote overall well being. It also helps to improve mental alertness, improve skin complexion, while revitalising and strengthening the heart and lungs.
1 whole chicken- remove head and legs, cleaned and wipe dry.
1 strip of Ginseng ( Yen Sam)
5 pcs. dried red dates (jujube)
1.1/2 cups glutinous rice -soaked for 3 hours- drained
1/2 cup of Korean Jinru wine
1 tsp salt
1. Mix glutinous rice, salt and dried red dates, and stuff into chicken.
2. Next, stuff the ginseng into the chicken
3. Put chicken (belly part up)into a pot then pour wine and water until cover the whole chicken.
4. Cook in high heat until boiling and turn the fire into low heat, cover pot and stew for 2 hours.
5. When cooked, remove stuffing and mix with the soup to serve.
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