Monday, April 25, 2011

Pandanus Leaves & Red Dates (Jujube) Drink

I was told that this drink is good at lowering high blood pressure and especially for those who have pain at the back of our neck and shoulder. Anyway I like the taste of the drink, also good for our health and with plenty of pandanus leaves that I have planted no harm drinking it often.

10pcs pandanus leaves - cut into 1 inch length
6 pcs red dates - sliced
brown sugar (optional) to taste

Boiled for 1/2 an hour and add sugar to taste.

Parmesan & Sun Dried Tomato bread mix

My front neighbour's  Mrs Liew  gave me a pack of this bread pre mix that her brother brought back from UK. Even before the packet of flour is open you can smell the wonderful aroma of herbs and parmesan cheese. Only last week I manage to baked it and is really delicious. The mix works in bread machines but I mix it with my Kenwood cake mixer then rolled by hand into different shapes. Rest the dough and baked, there easy instruction to follow at the back of the wrapper. Unfortunately it only available in England, Let check it out at their website at .
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